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IQuiz: Leadership Trivia No. 1

Wanna have some fun and learn something, too? Test your knowledge. Take ManageElite's Leadership Quiz. Find out how much you know about some of the famous leaders that have come before you. … [Read more...]

What are soft skills … really?

Not big on the soft skills? Ignore them at you own risk. Soft skills are to successful leadership as skyscrapers are to New York City. You can’t have one without the other. So, what are soft skills? They may be the most misunderstood part of management because they are mislabeled. There is often nothing soft about soft skills. Try motivating your staff after a quarter has been laid … [Read more...]

5 biggest myths of leadership

Looking to become a leader? If so, it's important to dispel the  many myths that get in the way of great leadership. These myths are most often born of fear and misunderstanding, a poor combination for success. With that in mind, here’s a look at the five most common myths about leadership.  1. Leadership is a special gift you are born with. Wrong. Leadership is what results from … [Read more...]

Workplace harassment training: Key tactics for managers

The nature of work is a social activity. There are even times when the social nature of work relationships extends beyond the workplace. However, it is important that employees strive to respect each other as individuals and to avoid behaviors that may even be remotely interpreted as unlawful harassment. That's why workplace harassment training is so essential. Unlawful harassment is any … [Read more...]

Avoiding retaliation claims: 13 steps managers can take

Avoiding retaliation claims at work can be a lot like waiting for the other shoe to drop. For instance, a disgruntled employee files some grievance, alleging some form of discrimination in the workplace or another imagined injustice. You may easily win that case, but then perhaps the employee who filed the charge had to be disciplined over something else. Or maybe the employee was merely … [Read more...]

Workplace discrimination: What every manager needs to know

Every good employee wants to work at a fair and equal workplace, and it’s every good manager’s challenge to make sure that happens. The key is to know what constitutes illegal workplace discrimination -- and how to avoid it. Under federal law, an employer cannot discriminate against someone because of age (40 or over), color, disability, gender, genetic information, race, religion, national … [Read more...]

Interview tips that pay off in good hires

How many times have you had to ask yourself, “How did that person ever get hired?” More than likely it was because managers didn't follow good interview tips and techniques. The interview offers the most room for error. It's  ripe for misinterpretation, misunderstanding and just plain missing the mark. Just about every other piece of the hiring process has fairly narrow boundaries and … [Read more...]

Employee performance reviews that work

Why is it so few managers look forward to doing employee performance reviews? It really doesn’t have to be that way. A performance review is one of the best tools a manager has to fine tune the performance of subordinates. A performance review should be a or recap of the day-to-day engagements between managers and employees. It should always include a plan for the employee’s professional … [Read more...]

Motivating employees: What every manager needs to know

It’s said that motivating employees is a lot like bathing:  The results are not permanent, but it’s something you should be doing on a regular basis. (More motivational quotes.) Every employee can use a shot of motivation from time to time, no matter how much of a self-starter the person is. It's easy to tell when people are properly motivated because they: Look for better ways to do a … [Read more...]

Handling difficult conversations with employees: Here’s what works

Everybody puts off some things, but the manager who delays handling difficult conversations with employees is courting disaster. Few people look forward to actually having difficult conversations and it’s no wonder why. Tense conversations can be like root canal. But with some good training and support, managers can gain the confidence needed to handle these tough tasks – and turn them into … [Read more...]