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How participative leadership boosts morale, productivity

How would you like to lead an organization where employees are fully engaged and regularly bring new ideas to the table, then chomp at the bit until you give them the go-ahead to run with it? Sound good? If so, you might want to spend sometime practicing something called participative leadership. What is it? Says  “A style of leadership in which the leader … [Read more...]

Imagine that! Email ban forced people to talk face-to-face

Here's a quick tale of the CEO who did the unthinkable: He banned email and instead forced his employees to communicate for one week the old-fashioned way – face-to-face. Did the email ban work? Or was it a flop? Believe it or not, the move actually boosted productivity and revealed when email communication is absolutely necessary. Shayne Hughes, CEO at Learning for Leadership, was the … [Read more...]

CareerBliss unveils 50 happiest places to work

Looking for happiness at work? Your search is over. CareerBliss, the online career community, just released its list of the Top 50 Happiest Companies in America, so all you need now is to brush off your resume. Research showed that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is the happiest place to work in the United States, followed by NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense. Each year, CareerBliss … [Read more...]

Infographic: Why we love to hate meetings

In a perfect world, every meeting would be short and to the point, start and end on time and something meaningful would get accomplished. But in the real world, many are too long, start late and end later, and nothing really gets done. And that’s frustrating for a lot of managers who think they have much better things to do. In fact, a ManageElite survey of 948 upper-level executives, … [Read more...]

Women slow to get asked to Fortune 500 boards

Women are stalled in their struggle for seats on America’s corporate boards, according to the research group Catalyst, which just released its annual gender report on Fortune 500 boardrooms. While  women make up 46.6% of the U.S. workforce overall, that Catalyst study found that just: 16.6% of Fortune 500 directors are women, up from 16.1% last year. 14.3% of Fortune 500 executive … [Read more...]

Corporate/HR trainers turning to online management training in 2013

With training budgets taking a big hit in recent years, a  survey due out next week from ON24 reveals that organizations will be taking more advantage of the effectiveness and cost savings of  online management training in 2013. The survey of 3,000 training professionals attending ON24’s Virtual Learning Edge conference found that 9 out of 10 HR and training professionals plan to increase the … [Read more...]

‘Tis the season to be cautious with holiday office parties

The holidays are a time for good cheer, love of family and friends, and warm memories. But it can easily turn into a time of bad memories for some organizations because of nasty legal issues that can arise from holiday office parties. Here are three potential areas of holiday legal issues for managers need to be aware of, courtesy of Jonathan Segal on the We Know Next blog and a team of … [Read more...]

Leadership traits from Santa Claus

It’s no picnic having to smile and be jolly every day while wearing the same itchy wool suit. Try it sometime. Yet Santa Claus pulls it off, year and year. Santa has some big boots to fill and he sets great examples when it comes to leadership. Here’s a list of Santa traits we’d all do well to emulate. 9 leadership traits He gets people to believe in him. He sticks to the … [Read more...]

6 paths to becoming a leader with charisma

Charisma! Jack Kennedy had it. But then so did Charles Manson. You could argue Ed Sullivan didn’t have a lick of it, yet he hosted a popular TV variety show for a record 23 years. So what is charisma? Is it necessary to be an effective leader? If so, how can you get some of it? Or how can you get more of it? Charisma is always a fascinating topic to explore. Here's a quick look at … [Read more...]

ManageElite upgrade: User Tracking feature makes training more effective

We’ve gotten raves since launching ManageElite, our online management training program, last year. Our customers love the interactive training presentations and quizzes. They single out our lively speakers, who keep the training interesting. And, of course, they love the affordable price. But we wanted to make it even better. And now we have. We’ve added User Tracking, so customers can follow … [Read more...]