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6 management mistakes that undermine leadership

Successful managers are forever shuffling and prioritizing. You know the story -- the best laid plans get laid to waste, and new efforts and initiatives await your attention. It's true that the higher you go, the harder the winds blow. So remember when things are hectic and pressures mount to not stray far from a half-dozen fundamental management tactics that will help to see you … [Read more...]

IQuiz: Leadership Trivia No. 3

Wanna have some fun and learn something, too? Do you know who the most powerful women in the world is? Who invented the swivel chair? Which president was the first to be born in a hospital? Take ManageElite’s Leadership Quiz. Find out how much you know about some of the famous leaders that have come before you. Open quiz in new window Training for your management team Upgrade your management … [Read more...]

The biggest ways employees waste time at work

Working hard ... or hardly working? Yes, it’s a tired old cliché, and with good reason. Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you’re working. Employees are adept at loafing. And each new generation gets a tad better at it. A survey by staffing giant Kelly Services found that those employees born between 1980 and 1985 waste almost twice as much time as those born between 1960 and … [Read more...]

The Top 5 (er, 27 and counting …) white lies every manager tells

“Honey, do I look fat in this?” “NO.” Good answer … and three cheers for the harmless fib! Where would we be without little white lies? We all do it, though some of us are far better (and more habitual) at it than others. Psychologists say we were all very capable of looking our parents right in the eye and deliberately lying to them by the ripe young age of six. It’s just part and … [Read more...]

Keys to delegating for managers who can’t let go

Not long ago a business blogger was asking for insight into a common, thorny problem: How do you get entrepreneurs to delegate after they’ve put so much individual effort into building a business in the first place? So, you have this focused person who took a good idea and turned into reality, and now if they would only let go of some lower-value things, the business would truly take … [Read more...]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 most important things we look for when hiring new managers

When you’re thinking of promoting an employee or hiring someone to his or her critical first management position, what are the most important things you take into consideration? ManageElite asked 589 executives and managers, people who regularly make that decision, what they take into consideration when hiring new managers. Here’s how they answered (percentages answering “important” or “very … [Read more...]