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5 simple ways to turn conflict into opportunity

Conflict mediators like to tell this story of the three entrepreneurs fighting over a lemon. One swears he won the lemon in a card game. The second claims to have a bill of sale for the lemon. A third says the lemon fell from a tree on his land, so it’s his. The dispute goes to mediation, where it is learned that one needs just the seeds to plant a tree, another wants the peel for lemon cake … [Read more...]

Creating a culture of innovation that people thrive on

Innovate or Die! At least that’s what the great business thinkers tell us. But it sounds so final. It’s probably more like, innovate or slowly suffocate. That’s what happens most of the time, when business changes all around you, but you don’t. It’s a slower process than “Innovate or Die,” with admittedly pretty much the same outcome. But at least it suggests there is time to find new … [Read more...]

80% of your staff can’t get enough of this

Your star performers are a few steps ahead. For the most part, they’re good to go. Your poor performers are a few steps behind. It’s probably good if they go. So, it only follows that the place where managers should be putting in more of their time is with average performers, that 80% in the middle. Proven performance boosters Here are six sure-fire ways to help your many solid performers … [Read more...]

How to avoid those summer intern nightmare hires

Thinking about bringing a summer intern on board? Many managers are right now sifting through stacks of resumes -- or more likely clicking up .pdfs -- in search of stellar student talent. If that sounds like you, two quick cautions. First, there’s a big federal crackdown on unpaid internships. Under the law most every intern should be paid. Just ask talk show host Charlie Rose who had to … [Read more...]

Use these employee engagement tactics at your own risk

Did you know just one of every three employees feel engaged at work? That’s what many Gallup polls say. Just one-in-three. If you were managing a baseball team, one in three would be a great batting average. You’d be unbeatable. But we’re not playing baseball. We’re playing work, and frankly, one in three stinks. One in three leaves so much room for improvement that it can only be … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s top 5 leadership tips

Suppose St. Patrick appeared suddenly and wanted to chat-up leadership with you! Now, here’s a miracle-worker whose legacy has endured for 1,600 years and is celebrated on every continent. So, you’d think he’d know a thing or two about building a following, yes? Here are five leadership traits you can take from St. Patrick’s extraordinary life. 1. Embrace hard work St. Patrick was born … [Read more...]

Just ’cause you’re a genius doesn’t mean you have all the best ideas

So many successful leaders got that way because they surround themselves with smart people. It’s like the saying goes: You can’t jump-start a dead battery with another dead battery. But hiring smart, capable people to help grow the business is only part of the challenge. The other part involves harnessing all that collective talent, all those great ideas floating around in people’s brains, and … [Read more...]

Employee motivation: Do you make these 5 mistakes?

There was a time, some years ago, that managers didn’t really worry about employee motivation - or even how employees felt about their jobs for that matter. The approach went kind of like this: “They’re getting a paycheck, so they’ll do what I tell them to do.” We all know that kind of leadership won’t cut it any more, not if what you want is an engaged, vibrant and most importantly - … [Read more...]