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Caution: Introvert-infested workplace ahead

How many introverts does it take to change a light bulb? Ok, ok, I promise. No introvert jokes. But let's face it, convention tell us people who are more extroverted have more outgoing personalities, are able to cultivate and manage strong external business relationships and revel in hyper-communication and media attention. They feed off other people, and these days, people are … [Read more...]

How you can get what you want … 90% of the time

Whoever first said “flattery will get you nowhere” probably  flunked Psychology 101. Flattery can help you get what you want most the time! It is one of the most successful forms of manipulation. Time-tested, ego approved. The flip-side is that flattery can -- and will -- be used against you, sometimes when you least expect it. Even the most careful managers and leaders are all … [Read more...]

iQuiz: Leadership Trivia No. 4 – Secret Service Code Names

As most of you know, the U.S. Secret Service has code names for many of the people it is charged to protect – Presidents, their families, top cabinet members, notable politicians, celebrities that visit the White House, etc. That's today's leadership trivia quiz. Those code names don’t necessarily have special meaning. And in some cases (like the President), the person being protected even gets … [Read more...]

It’s easy for managers to fall back into these 4 bad habits

When you boil it down, a manager’s job requirements are pretty straightforward: Be aware of everything at all times, and improve upon those things you find need improving. Just don’t over-manage. Or under-manage. Or micro-manage. Or what have you. Good luck! I have a friend who is smart as all get-out and I always thought she would make a great manager. But over the years I came to learn … [Read more...]

What the Masters golf tournament tells us about good decision-making

Making good choices is not a one-and-done event. It’s more like a way of life, a philosophy in the craft of leadership. A key to good decision-making consistently is remembering that good choices can’t be made by habit. The Masters golf tournament, playing out this week in Augusta, GA,  provides an excellent example of exactly what that means. Golf is very different from most sports in … [Read more...]

Yes, even good managers have to say no sometimes

No, no, no, no, no. It sounds so negative. But it’s so necessary sometimes, too! And it can feel so good to say. To that end, here’s a quick look at two excellent articles about why even good managers have to say no sometimes.  Turns out there is an art and science to it. First the science, which comes courtesy of the well-regarded Mayo Clinic. Titled Stress relief: When and how to say … [Read more...]

The truth about bullying: It’s rarely obvious

By now most people have seen (or heard of) the video of Rutgers University ex-basketball coach Mike Rice Jr. abusing his players. He beans them with basketballs, shoves them around, calls them names and belittles their skills in front of others. Lovely! Thankfully, Rice was dismissed. But for those of us who concern ourselves with sound management practices, we are left to wonder: Why do so … [Read more...]

5 employee recognition tactics that boost engagement

The headline on the article screams "New Research Unlocks the Secret of Employee Recognition." And it's an excellent story about some truly telling research. But the headline would better fit if it said, "New Research Affirms Time-tested Tactics." Still, read it and it will leave you  scratching your head wondering why a lot more companies -- and a lot more managers -- aren't … [Read more...]