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3 key steps to handling workplace complaints

It's not uncommon to think of whistle-blowers as those looking to make a splash - and a name for themselves - by running off to some government agency whenever they perceive wrongdoing. But that could be a misconception. Recent research suggests that when it comes to handling workplace complaints, most whistle-blowers: Never intended to go outside the company with their concerns, and Felt … [Read more...]

The best story to tell is the one about you

One thing that never goes out of fashion is good storytelling. In fact, it's all the rage right now. Storytelling is the next-new-big-skill-thing on LinkedIn. You know you have truly arrived as a manager if others have “endorsed” you for it. Science probably would tell us that storytelling is in our genes. It has been around since the dawn of civilization, when compelling storytelling … [Read more...]

4 things all good managers should do well

A salesman, an intern and their manager happen upon a genie. “You each get one wish,” the genie tells them. "I want to be on a beach in Tahiti," the intern blurts out - and in a flash she's gone. "I want to stand atop Mount Everest and survey the world,” says the salesman - and poof – he's gone, too. "Looks like you're next," the genie says to the manager. "I want those two back in … [Read more...]

Why only some squeaky wheels get the grease

We've all heard that squeaky wheels get the grease. But actually,  only some squeaky wheels get the grease. Others get ignored, transferred or worse -- and nobody wants to be one of those. So, if you're interested in some proven ideas to assert yourself on issues – to be a squeaky wheel-- and get the results you need, here are  seven ways to help make it happen.  One issue at a time. … [Read more...]

The 4 things all good employees want from work

“You give people what they want, and they’ll come out for it.” -- Harry Cohn, Founder, Columbia Pictures It's great advice. Same goes for the workplace. Give employees what they want, and they’ll work hard for it. But do you know what employees want? Here are some things employees say they want - along with some ideas on how to make it happen. Clear Direction People hate when  someone is … [Read more...]

Can anyone really be that disloyal?

Millennials have a very serious image problem, or so says a survey by, the online career network. The survey of Millennial job seekers, ages 19 to 26, found extraordinary differences in how they view themselves versus how HR professionals view them in areas like work ethic, leadership, and technological expertise -- all of which can make managing Millennials even more … [Read more...]

What do employees want? (You won’t like this)

Do you ever wonder what your employees really want? Better yet, what do your good employees really want, since they’re the ones who’ll have the biggest impact on  success? Well, hate to break it to you but many managers are often dismayed to learn that what employees really want is training that will take them out of their current situation and into a better one. They don’t want what you … [Read more...]

5 common feedback killers (bad breath isn’t one)

We live in sensitive times. Dont we? Years ago it was the school teacher’s job to impart information without much regard for the feelings of the student. Thankfully, that changed. Teachers now strive to nurture healthy and secure young people so they can grow into productive adults … who never lose their need for nurturing! The more things change, the more they stay the same. Good … [Read more...]