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3 tough employee problems managers inherit — sooner or later

When a manager first takes over an established team, whether the manager is brand new or well- seasoned, there is always a transition curve. The manager will encounter people, personalities and processes that have all been there chugging along, whether successfully or not. Sometimes, hidden among the team members, will be tough employee problems just waiting to bubble over. Here are three … [Read more...]

9 leadership tips you really don’t want to follow

One of my favorite leadership sayings goes something like this: “You get promoted to manager by someone above you. But you can only be named a leader by the people under you.” That's a great leadership tip, and pretty much says everything there is to know about creating value with people. If you look over your shoulder and no one is following, that’s not a very popular parade you have there, … [Read more...]

Managing change: 6 essential steps to make it work

Nothing upsets the apple cart like change. It creates fear, anxiety, tension and mistrust -- and that’s before it ever happens! Yet it is essential to success. “It is not the strongest that survives,” Charles Darwin warns us. “It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Managing change is mishandled by well-meaning leaders with astonishing frequency. With that in mind, here … [Read more...]

Some employees will complain — no matter what

Some things are just too special not to share. What follows is one of those things. This is a real life, honest-to-goodness "unsubscribe" email that recently came to us in response to one of our e-marketing campaigns. Here it is reprinted unabridged, missing punctuation and all: (Dear sir)  Please unsubscribe me  I am not a manager  In fact I’m not even an employee  I’m a … [Read more...]

4 proven tactics for retaining top performers

Employee retention is just smart business. And keeping your top performers is doubly smart. Your best people are the ones most capable of jumping ship, and if you didn't handle them well, they may also  be dissing you and your company after they leave. And there are other problems caused by the loss of really good people – morale takes a hit, quality and productivity drop, recruiting costs … [Read more...]

Coaching skills: 3 keys to giving good advice

It’s said that advice is a lot like Castor oil - easy to give, harder to take. And since that is so true, it means managers have their work cut out for them when it comes to giving good advice. We all admire the wisdom of those who come to us for advice (ha ha).  But that just doesn’t happen often enough. And therein lies the problem. Good managers must give sound advice on a daily basis, … [Read more...]