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13 tips for staying mentally tough

It’s smart to keep a to-do list. Even better is a  NOT-to-do list,  though good ones are usually a bit trickier. Recently, I came across this terrific list of 13 tips for staying mentally tough. It was created by Amy Morin,  a psychotherapist and college psychology instructor. She writes for a variety of online and print publications, and serves as a parenting-teens expert on … [Read more...]

When one of your managers says something stupid

So what would you do? Here’s a real-life situation: An upper level manager is running a cross-training session for off-site employees. One of the folks being trained is a woman in her late 50s. She’s extraordinarily talented at her job with great performance reviews and highly recognized in the industry, but she’s a bit overwhelmed with the new training requiring her to learn new and unfamiliar … [Read more...]

ManageElite adds FLSA training

ManageElite, the affordable and easy to use management training program, has just added a new module on FLSA, the Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA module includes an interactive presentation, quiz, and a handout on the Top 10 FLSA issues. It focuses on what frontline managers need to know about exempt and nonexempt employees – the kind of things that crop up every day that can get a … [Read more...]

When bad management is like a punch in the face

I came upon this item today and it stopped me in my tracks. It read: “Punch someone in the face, you go to jail. Be a bad manager who ruins employees’ lives for years and you face no consequences. Why is that?” It was posted on the blog of Alexander Kjerulf, also known as The Chief Happiness Officer. You can go there and give your opinion, if you like. But before you do, read this quick … [Read more...]

Learn to say no 10 different ways

No. Don’t be afraid. Go ahead and say it. You won't hurt anything. Learn to say no. “No” is very often the sign of a wise manager. It turns out some people are actually addicted to saying “yes.” At least that’s what workplace psychologists say. The way it works is some people get such an emotional lift from just the very idea of being asked to be included in some activity; from … [Read more...]

Is it really that hard to be a manager?

It can't be that hard to be a manager. Can it? All you need to do is stay on top of things, fix what needs fixing, and make other needed improvements along the way. Ready? You probably know someone who is sharp as all get-out and would make a great manager. But they tell you they have zero interest, and in fact dearly love being among the managed. They are probably even smarter than … [Read more...]