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6 motivating skills every good manager needs

Managers have an enormous impact on the success - or failure - of an organization, and the most successful are those who have mastered key motivating skills. Great motivating skills can cover for a lot of other shortcomings. But, motivation may be the most misunderstood of all the skills. First, a person’s motivation doesn't really come from external factors. People are either motivated … [Read more...]

Can you give negative feedback without being … negative?

Nothing like a little negative feedback to start your day off right, eh? Yes, that was sarcasm. Few managers awaken each day salivating over having to set someone straight. We are reluctant to have that tough conversation, even when experience assures us that it’s the only way to salvage a situation – or better still - could lead to real improvement. Yet according to the Harvard Business … [Read more...]

The 6 habits of successful new managers

The effectiveness of a manager, front line supervisor or team leader makes all the difference between a motivated and focused workforce – and a disorganized and dispirited one. So beware: Successful new managers don’t happen by accident. In today’s competitive work environment, all good managers need a solid foundation so that they can contribute fully. That’s why the development of a new … [Read more...]

7 steps to bring out the best in people

Good managers work to bring out the best in people. It makes all the difference. When your people are at their best, the organization is also at peak performance -- and that’s every leader’s first priority, or it should be. What’s more, watching good people develop into great performers is personally and professionally rewarding. So, here are seven simple and succinct steps managers can … [Read more...]

5 interview mistakes that scare off great candidates

Identifying the best and brightest, then convincing them to join your organization, is something every good leadership team strives for. What’s more, good leadership looks for great people at every level of the organization. So, when you are fortunate enough to have a exceptional candidate simply walk in your door, you want to do everything to get him or her on board. While much has been … [Read more...]