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4 bad habits most nightmare bosses don’t know they have

The longer you manage people, the more ingrained some habits get to be. Now that’s great if they happen to be good habits, like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Who wouldn’t want that? But that’s not usually the case. People tend to fall into bad habits, and one of the problems of bad habits in managers is that the manager is the only person who doesn't notice it. But the staff … [Read more...]

Headline, Hints or Storyteller? What’s your communication style?

Communication is the basis for all workplace success. Thankfully, it’s a tool every manager can afford. It fits your budget. As managers we really have no good excuse for not having at least an adequate supply of communication sitting around someplace. It’s putting it to good use that takes some effort. (If you haven’t seen communication for a while, or wonder who had it last, ask around. … [Read more...]

We promote the wrong people – 4 out of 5 times

Are your managers up to snuff? Are you confident you have the right people in management posts? A  Gallup poll suggests you shouldn’t be. Gallup found that one of the most important decisions companies make is selecting managers. Yet most companies get it wrong -- 82% of the time! Eight out of 10! According to Gallup, only 18% of current managers demonstrate a high level of talent for … [Read more...]

Coaching problem employees: 2 last-chance solutions

One of the tougher challenges any manager can face is coaching problem employees. It takes a real commitment of time and planning - and more than a little aggravation. But it's what you have to do if you're not going to let them go. To boost your chance of success, it helps to develop an approach that takes the burden for change off the manager and puts it where it should be, on the … [Read more...]

What was your first love? – And other dumb interview questions

If you've done it enough you know that the job interview can really become a cat-and-mouse game, and that there are a lot of dumb interview questions out there. You have a good candidate in front of you who has cruised through all the initial, cursory screenings - and now’s time to dig in and solidify your impressions of this person. How does she adjust? How does she deal with people? Does … [Read more...]