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The key to retention: Creating a good job fit

You may have come across these words of wisdom at some point: Never teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the heck out of the pig. You've got to love that quote, as it says all there is to know about someone being a good fit for the job. Perhaps more than any other aspect, trait or quality, employee retention hinges on a good job fit. But what does it really mean when … [Read more...]

6 etiquette blunders that can slip off the tongue

As a manager you've been warned that people are always watching. So no matter how gifted your operational skills, you don’t want to lose respect by making etiquette blunders that offend - or worse. Here are six things that can roll off a manager's tongue before the brain can stop them. No offense, but ...” If anyone has to start a sentence with, “No offense ...” then the sentence should … [Read more...]

Are you a best-of-breed-go-getter? My condolences

Every marketer knows a key to success is differentiation. It’s what makes a product or a person special - and hopefully desirable. Few places does this play out more than on resumes. Professionals at all experience levels strain and struggle to differentiate themselves, and not always with the intended results. Harris Poll, on behalf of CareerBuilder, recently canvassed 2,201 hiring managers … [Read more...]