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Never do this when granting flex time

It’s said that if you snooze, you lose. Apparently that goes for flex time as well. Here’s what I mean. Flex time is intended to allow people the best time structure to make them most productive, within reason, of course. But not all flex schedules are perceived as being equal. A report from the University of Washington’s Foster School says that those with early flex hours are … [Read more...]

Would you have fired this person for doing this?

Are you a stickler for the rules? After all, a policy IS a policy. And everyone must follow the rules! But can an employer be too strict, even if the worker was fired for cause? Consider this true story from the Hollywood Casino, in Columbus, Ohio. Would you have fired this person for doing this? The casino had Policy No. 13, which stated that any unauthorized property found in a Team … [Read more...]

A good communication plan could have helped GM

Leaders know that a good communication plan is essential for success. Similarly, a poorly devised plan can hurt you. Put another way, you can live by the word – or die by it. A great example of the latter was General Motors’ decision to instruct employees not to use certain words like “defect,” “dangerous” or even “always” in describing design and vehicle problems. Federal highway safety … [Read more...]

3 questions to ask before dealing with a difficult person

Every organization seems to have (at least) one difficult person. They come in all shapes and sizes: the know it all, the chronic complainer, the passive-aggressive who always buys into your plan, then sets off in his own direction. Short of firing them (hmmmmm), what do you do? Let’s stipulate that we are all difficult from time to time. But is being difficult really just in the eye of … [Read more...]

Pssst! Your best people really are needy

Contrary to conventional wisdom, your best people really ARE needy people! Now hang on, it's true. They are. And what they need is to be a part of something special. Worthwhile employees – people worth having – need to feel wanted. To remain engaged, these employees must feel like they are an important part of an organization and that what they do contributes in an essential way to a … [Read more...]

7 ways to learn what employees are really thinking

Wouldn’t you just love to get inside your employees’ heads? Wouldn’t it be great to know what your employees are really thinking about you - and the place they work for? A company called TinyPulse has developed a great way to get pretty close to doing just that. Using an anonymous email format, TinyPulse polls its employees once a week with probing, open-ended questions. They are … [Read more...]

Why do employees hate HR so much?

So, why does everyone hate HR? It’s pretty well agreed upon that employees have overwhelmingly negative perceptions of the profession, which really shouldn’t be news to HR people. But it is unfortunate, all the same. There are plenty of stats to back it up. A recent poll from found that: more than 70% of employees think HR is management’s pawn barely 20% of HR pros … [Read more...]