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Why employees quit … it really isn’t pay

It’s always been a good piece of advice for managers to remember that compensation is usually NOT the biggest reason why employees quit on you. After all, people know what they'll be paid when they sign on. So what does take the top spot? No Opportunity The No. 1 reason employees leave a  job is a lack of opportunity for advancement. More than one in five employees (22%) polled by … [Read more...]

Can’t we do away with rush hour, once and for all!!

We don’t often wade into legal workplace disputes, but this one seems like an outrageous employee complaint. Or is it? What's your take? A Lancaster, PA, company is being sued by a former employee who wanted to be able to drive into work late and leave early -- so she could avoid rush hour. Instead the woman says her boss retaliated against her and then fired her illegally. Andrea … [Read more...]