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Why 2 in 5 employees leave vacation time on the table

We love time off! So why don’t we take all our vacation time? Because American workers are too scared to go on vacation. About 40 percent of us don't plan on using all of our paid time off this year, according to a new survey released by the U.S. Travel Association and GfK, a market research firm. The survey polled 1,303 workers, including 235 senior business leaders. The two most … [Read more...]

Coming soon: The eHarmony guide to better hiring

If online matchmaker eHarmony goes through with its plans to launch a site that brings together workers and employers, the pick-up line could go something like this: “So, do you come here often?” “Uh, yeah. I work here.” Or maybe this: “Hey, if you’re not busy, want to hook up, say 9 to 5?” It turns out eHarmony hopes to do for the workplace what it’s done for romance, pairing … [Read more...]