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4 signposts when seeking your ‘discomfort zone’

It’s said that to be at your best, you must get out of your comfort zone. So then, the place you are looking for must be your … discomfort zone? So how do you find it? Where is it? If you've not been there before, how do you know when you find it? And lastly, once you've been there a while and adjusted, does it simply become your “comfort zone" again? Finding your discomfort zone takes … [Read more...]

My plastic surgery needed a tweak – and other lame excuses

When’s a good time to call in a sick? When you're sick? In real life, it doesn't work that way. For some, it seems, every day is a good day to call in sick. Why not? They give us sick days, so we should use them, right? Wrong. Still, people use lame excuses to take advantage of sick days as though they were entitlements. did a survey of wild excuses employees … [Read more...]

4 problem-solving tactics employees will love you for

One of the biggest productivity-killers managers face every day is interruptions. And one of the most frequent interruptions is … employees with questions. A Cal/Irvine study estimated that managers get interrupted four times an hour by staff, mostly to answer questions. It's a common problem-solving scenario that plays out like this: Employee has an issue and asks the boss for … [Read more...]

6 dumb ways to kill employee morale

Smart managers spend time practicing techniques to improve employee morale. And that’s hard work. But many more managers do things that kill morale. Or more accurately, they FAIL to do things and that ends up killing morale. Here are the six dumb mistakes managers often make that kill morale. No. 1 is the failure to set clear expectations. Most people want to do well in a job. As long as … [Read more...]

4 myths of leadership we all get wrong

Every successful leader has their own personality, their own style, their own approach. They can be as different as day and night. Think Donald Trump. Then think Mother Teresa. See what I mean? Some leaders work smarter. Some work harder. But all of them work at it. Leadership is there for the taking, to one degree or another, for anyone willing to make the effort. But first, it … [Read more...]

The 10, nah, 4 things employees want more than a raise

Good managers are vigilant about what employees need - because it really is about making them better. Now, consider this headline from a very good web site: Ten things employees want more than a raise … Hmmm, I thought. Ten? It's hard to believe there are 10 things employees want more than a raise. I think most employees would put getting a raise right at or near the top of any list of … [Read more...]

The real reason good communication is so hard to come by

People are busy, so I’ll try to make this point quickly and clearly: Good communication is a two-way street. Sometimes it is a three-way street, and sometimes four  … or even ten. But at a minimum, it's just like the tango. It takes two. At its most basic, a message goes out and it must be received and understood by the other person for it to be an effective communication. And in that … [Read more...]