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Managing talented people: Why being smart isn’t enough

One of the best things that can happen to a manager is having the opportunity to hire someone smarter, more talented and more accomplished than you. Now, why does managing talented people seem so terrifying? Successful leaders know - or should know - that hiring talented people is like winning the lottery. You gain an employee whose abilities could be that proverbial high tide, raising all … [Read more...]

When is being a jerk a legally protected activity?

Let’s concede right off the bat that any of us can be guilty of being a jerk at one point or another. In a moment of frustration, you descend to the cellar of human nature and flip the switch to jerk-dom. (Think morning traffic commute.) It happens, if ever so briefly. So you recognize it, fix it, and move on. But then there are those who seem committed to staying a jerk … [Read more...]

Top 5 reasons new hires say they quit their jobs

A study by software company BambooHR found that one in three people have quit a job within the first six months. The firm surveyed 1,005 U.S. employees over the age of 24 to learn if they’d quit a job, why they quit, and what which onboarding efforts might have kept them around longer. Here are the top five reasons U.S. workers gave for leaving new jobs: Bad career move: They were … [Read more...]

How long must you keep a red grouper fish? Ask your CPA

It’s good advice for companies to keep tax records for 7 years, internal audits for 6 and bank deposit slips for 3. So then, how long do you keep a red grouper fish? Hint: It's species Epinephelus morio? That may seem amusing, but it's no joke to small-time commercial fisherman John L. Yates, who may one day set the record for the most arcane, real-life, record-keeping-and-retention … [Read more...]