6 Leadership Styles That Get Results

Leadership StylesLeadership is the art of getting people in line behind you.

Now, some days they may be cheering, and some days they may be jeering. But every day they show up looking to you for guidance, motivation, support – or just a comforting pat on the back.

The most effective leaders purposefully develop an array of styles that they instinctively go to, adopting the one that best suits the situation as they see fit.

Obviously, it can never be all yelling. But it can’t be all touchy-feely, either.

For practical purposes, we’ve boiled down leadership to six distinct styles with each style having its own particular advantages and some disadvantages.

Styles for every leader

If you are a supervisor, manager or executive looking for ways to best take advantage of proven leadership styles, here are links to intelligent, insightful articles discussing the six leadership styles every leader can adopt and put to work right away.

1. Leading with charisma – How can you get some of it, or more of it? Here’s a quick look at what six different leadership experts have to say about the charisma style.

2. Participative leadership – This style values the input of team members and peers while the ultimate responsibility of making the final decision rests with the leader.

3. Authoritarian leadership — Getting results by yelling and screaming is popular among pro football coaches. It has its shortcomings, but it also has a long history of success.

4. Pacesetter leadership — If you like to get your hands dirty showing people how stuff really gets done, this style can offer you some real advantages.

5. Leading by coaching – This style develops people by offering hands-on advice. It is for leaders who want to boost morale and get great results.

6. Transformational leadership – This leader is a role model who inspires others and makes them want to take greater ownership for their work.