Respect: The leadership quality that rises above the rest

Is there one leadership quality that rises above the rest? A fascinating examination of that very question, done by the Harvard Business Review, answers with an unequivocal “yes!” Respect. Or, to quote a phrase, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. No other leadership quality had a bigger effect on employees than respect. Being treated with respect was more important to employees than recognition and … [Read more...]

4 myths of leadership we all get wrong

Every successful leader has their own personality, their own style, their own approach. They can be as different as day and night. Think Donald Trump. Then think Mother Teresa. See what I mean? Some leaders work smarter. Some work harder. But all of them work at it. Leadership is there for the taking, to one degree or another, for anyone willing to make the effort. But first, it … [Read more...]

3 things about the future you’ll want to know now

Ever wonder what the world of work will look like in 2022? Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do (Think Twilight Zone theme here.) Well, wonder no more. The consultants at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC have done the work for you in a newly released study. And to hear them tell it, well, you don’t need my interpretation. Their words are far more compelling: Tremendous forces are radically reshaping … [Read more...]

A proven, 9-step plan to employee greatness

Some people are naturally driven to excel. They don’t need much encouragement. But for all the rest, that’s where a good manager comes in. Everybody likes to do well in order to feel good about themselves. Managers can help them do that with this simple 9-step plan to greatness. Employee greatness Step 1:  Carefully remove the word “I” from your interactions with employees and replace … [Read more...]

7 steps to bring out the best in people

Good managers work to bring out the best in people. It makes all the difference. When your people are at their best, the organization is also at peak performance -- and that’s every leader’s first priority, or it should be. What’s more, watching good people develop into great performers is personally and professionally rewarding. So, here are seven simple and succinct steps managers can … [Read more...]

13 tips for staying mentally tough

It’s smart to keep a to-do list. Even better is a  NOT-to-do list,  though good ones are usually a bit trickier. Recently, I came across this terrific list of 13 tips for staying mentally tough. It was created by Amy Morin,  a psychotherapist and college psychology instructor. She writes for a variety of online and print publications, and serves as a parenting-teens expert on … [Read more...]

Let’s talk – manager to manager

I'd like to have a candid conversation with you about management and staff training and why ManageElite might be a good fit for you – you'll be the judge ... Like most dads, I'm unabashedly proud of my baby, ManageElite. As the VP/Product Development, I helped conceive it, spent nine months (at least) developing it, was there for delivery and have nurtured it every day since. It's a product … [Read more...]

9 leadership tips you really don’t want to follow

One of my favorite leadership sayings goes something like this: “You get promoted to manager by someone above you. But you can only be named a leader by the people under you.” That's a great leadership tip, and pretty much says everything there is to know about creating value with people. If you look over your shoulder and no one is following, that’s not a very popular parade you have there, … [Read more...]

5 mistakes leaders make when delivering bad news

Perhaps the one thing in the universe that travels faster than light … is bad news. And the one thing that can be worse than hearing bad news is delivering bad news. Every manager has to do it at some point. If you enjoy delivering bad news, click this link. For the rest of us, being able to deliver bad news with just the right blend of genuine empathy and finesse is what transform … [Read more...]

5 key rules for leading from the middle

Let’s face it, most people lead from the middle, or at least they try to. Since there is typically just one seat AT THE TOP in any given organization, others who aspire to leadership MUST do it from somewhere in the pack, right? In that same vein, even the phrase “middle-managers” is a bit misleading because it includes everyone in a position of authority who is NOT the CEO. The other … [Read more...]