Overcoming the Top 5 manager training challenges

It’s a fact:  20% of your managers will do well no matter what you do, 20% will fail no matter what you do, and the remaining 60% will do well if you do the right things. In other words, the highest performers will succeed and the lowest will fail. But for the rest -- which is actually 75% when you factor out the failures -- good training makes a huge difference. Trouble is the path to … [Read more...]

The ‘compounding effect’ of manager training: Why it gets results

We’ve all heard the story of Manhattan being sold for $24 in trinkets. Bad deal for the Indians, right? Maybe not. Had the "sellers" taken advantage of compounding interest, say 8% annually, that $24 would today be worth more than the aggregate real estate value of Manhattan. It’s true: When earned interest is added back to the principal each year, stunning growth occurs. This compounding … [Read more...]