Corporate/HR trainers turning to online management training in 2013

Management TrainingWith training budgets taking a big hit in recent years, a  survey due out next week from ON24 reveals that organizations will be taking more advantage of the effectiveness and cost savings of  online management training in 2013.

The survey of 3,000 training professionals attending ON24’s Virtual Learning Edge conference found that 9 out of 10 HR and training professionals plan to increase the use of online learning at their companies in the coming year. A full 33% said they’d be increasing virtual training by more than 25%.

Companies are turning to online management training for two big reasons: First, average corporate spending fell to just $52 per training hour in 2011, the lowest in five years.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, are the attractive benefits of online training. According to the survey, the biggest benefits were less travel time (83%), more convenient (83%), more cost effective (79%), easier to involve company experts (52%), higher participation rates (43%) and more consistent training (38%).

Since online management training products can vary widely, the survey asked what matters most in an virtual program. The answers were effective use of quizzes, polls and social media 88%; facilitation skills 83%; voice inflection 74%; good use of technology 69%; topic matter expertise 60%; and lastly, funny at 50%.


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