7 ways to learn what employees are really thinking

ManagementWouldn’t you just love to get inside your employees’ heads?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your employees are really thinking about you – and the place they work for?

A company called TinyPulse has developed a great way to get pretty close to doing just that.

Using an anonymous email format, TinyPulse polls its employees once a week with probing, open-ended questions.

They are well-thought-out questions, broad enough that employees would easily be able to answer them and provide additional feedback, but also targeted enough that HR and management could hone in on trouble spots and actually fix them.

You're Fired!
At least that’s the goal TinyPulse is shooting for.

The key, of course, is to try to assure you’re getting honest answers from your employees (anonymity helps). And to make sure you’re asking frequently enough, but not so much that it becomes too routine.

Here are the questions, and the link to learn more.

  1. Name one process that, were it eliminated, would make you more productive.
  2. How transparent is management?
  3. Please rate the quality of the snacks in the kitchen.
  4. Can you list for me the factors that could contribute to your doing the best work of your life?
  5. Can you highlight any recent recognition and acknowledgment that you have received that increased your commitment and loyalty?
  6. How would you assess your opportunities to grow and advance?
  7. How confident are you in the leadership of this organization?

It pays to remember you get what you ask for. Some of the answers may elate, other may depress you. The secret is to make something happen.

Feedback is just the first step. The second is to take accountability of what people are telling you.

The last, and most important, is to do something about it. Make something happen, and then watch as employees improve their responses, once it’s clear that you actually act on their feedback.

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