The 7 Fundamentals of Management: What You Need to Know

The Seven Fundamentals of ManagementManaging would be easy if it wasn’t for all that  people development and consensus-building stuff.

And then there are all the legal pitfalls waiting to ruin your day – or maybe ruin the business.

So it’s safe to say that if managing really were all that easy,  everybody would be doing it.

But they’re not.

A capable manager is a good tactician, always looking ahead three or four moves. Good managers know the processes inside-out and understand what it takes to make sure things get done.

But knowing how to do the job is only half the job when it comes to managing. Getting people inspired to want to do the work — and do it well day after day — is the other half. The hard half.

But with practice and training,  it is very achievable.

Here at ManageElite, we believe that every manager has the best opportunity to excel when he or she consistently works to improve on four essential people-skill areas, and has a solid understanding of three critical employment law areas.

 7 fundamentals managers need

If you are a business owner, executive or trainer who is searching for a reliable way to make your managers even more effective, here are links to valuable articles discussing the seven fundamentals of management and why every manager should train on these.

1.Handling difficult conversations: If you’re not ready to face off with people and make it clear about what you need, your not ready for prime-time management.

2. Motivating employees: People need to regularly be reminded that the work they do matters, and that they matter, too!

3. Employee performance reviews: Evaluations are excellent tools managers can use to encourage great work in the months ahead.

4. Interview tips: Building a great staff starts with a reliable hiring process, and nothing is more critical than the face to face interviews.

5. Workplace discrimination: As a manager, you are far more likely to stumble into workplace bias problem than to end up with one from some intentional action.

6. Avoiding retaliation claims: Retaliation claims are now the single most common complaint filed against managers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Here’s why.

7. Harassment training: By far the most misunderstood illegal workplace activity is harassment. For managers, the key is prevention.