Coming soon: The eHarmony guide to better hiring

ManagementIf online matchmaker eHarmony goes through with its plans to launch a site that brings together workers and employers, the pick-up line could go something like this:

“So, do you come here often?”

“Uh, yeah. I work here.”

Or maybe this: “Hey, if you’re not busy, want to hook up, say 9 to 5?”

It turns out eHarmony hopes to do for the workplace what it’s done for romance, pairing employees with potential bosses to see if they can hit it off. It’s the online version of a guide to better hiring.

I Dare You
Elevated Careers

“Elevated Careers by eHarmony” is on schedule to launch this December.

eHarmony says it will use a modified version of its compatibility software to match applicants and their supervisors-to-be.

The typical U.S. worker stays in a job about four years and eHarmony is betting it can change that. (For the record, a typical marriage that ends in divorce averages eight years in the U.S.)

“The goal will be to help people get a job where they really belong,” the company’s founder and CEO Neil Clark Warren said in a statement.

Some qualities may be just as important for marriages as they are for business relationships.

“When you ask what’s the most important quality in a marriage, most people say kindness, but I would argue that it’s adaptability,” Warren said.

Conscientiousness, honesty, emotional stability, extrovert/introvert, conflict resolution and whether they are apt to follow the rules are other likely characteristics that are regarded as just as important for the jobs market, Warren contends.

Americans have mixed feelings about work. About 54% say they like the people they work with, but just 29% feel valued in their jobs, according to

People jump ship

Despite rough seas, employees love to jump ship: 21% of full-time employees hoped to change jobs in 2014, the largest percentage since 2008 and up from 17% in 2013.

For eHarmony, Elevated Careers is a promising growth area.

“Last year, we spent $90 million on advertising,” Warren says. “It’s really tough to make a lot of money and attribute all that ad expense to one product.”

EHarmony is responsible for 600,000 marriages with a divorce rate of just 3.8% since it started in 2000, according to a 2012 survey by Harris Interactive.

“If we can do that for jobs, we will save companies enormous amounts of money, and save the person a lot of strain and stress, too,” Warren said.

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