INFOGRAPHIC: 10 most important things we look for when hiring new managers

When you’re thinking of promoting an employee or hiring someone to his or her critical first management position, what are the most important things you take into consideration? ManageElite asked 589 executives and managers, people who regularly make that decision, what they take into consideration when hiring new managers. Here’s how they answered (percentages answering “important” or “very important”):

1. Verbal communication skills                 97.0%
They can carry on intelligent conversations, articulate goals and mission, give clear instructions, explain problems, etc.

2. Positive attitude                                         96.3%
They’re upbeat, see the bright side of things, always able to spot opportunities and aren’t Negative Nellies.

3. Initiative                                                         95.3%
They’re self-starters, don’t wait to be told to do things, see problems and act to solve them.

4. Common sense                                            94.7%
The ability to make sound judgments based on life experience and straightforward facts.

5. Temperament                                              91.0%
Pleasant and agreeable behaviors get high marks. Testy or ornery demeanors don’t fare very well.

6. Intelligence                                                   90.9%
The people we promote don’t have to be geniuses, but we do like our managers to be smart.

7. Written communication skills               90.4%
Straight-forward writing skills are critical. Managers have to write a lot: memos, performance reviews, business proposals, and executive summaries. Typos and grammar mistakes are costly.

8. Rapport with colleagues                          85.1%
You don’t have to be best friends with co-workers (and probably shouldn’t be), but having great rapport with colleagues is the sign of a good manager.

9. Thoughtful                                                     81.8%
We like new managers to think things through first. Brash, acting-without-thinking behavior isn’t comforting.

10. Ambition                                                      74.6%
They should have ambition, but in most cases it needs to be tempered. They should have aspirations, but not egomaniacs. Succeed at all costs isn’t a trait that’s admired.

Source: ManageElite survey of 589 upper level executives (31.8%), department directors (30.4%), middle managers (28.9%) and supervisors (8.9%)

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  1. Communication….Communication….Communication… It does not matter how much technology we incorporate into the workplace or how quickly things change – the key is communication… Those who can connect with others and embrace/inspire/challenge them will be the strongest and best leaders…

  2. How do we measure all 10 items and how do we know the optimum level of each item foreach job?


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