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Management TrainingI’d like to have a candid conversation with you about management and staff training and why ManageElite might be a good fit for you – you’ll be the judge …

Like most dads, I’m unabashedly proud of my baby, ManageElite. As the VP/Product Development, I helped conceive it, spent nine months (at least) developing it, was there for delivery and have nurtured it every day since.

It’s a product that excited me because, besides being a dad, I’ve had to manage people for the past 39 years. Now, I was lucky. I worked for companies that were committed to training managers. But I saw how bad and ineffective much of that training was

Those years of experience have taught me 3 things, see if you agree:

  • Managers are so busy and under pressure they rarely have the time to train – especially when its long and inconvenient in format
  • Management training is expensive, albeit a worthwhile endeavor, the cost is often a barrier for companies of all sizes, and
  • Most of that costly training is sleep inducing

If you are like me, you’re probably sitting there nodding your head. That’s why from Day One I set out to develop the product I always wished I had – because I figured it would help the many who were in the same boat.

So, I stubbornly insisted that ManageElite:

  • Energize managers – the modules are interactive, managers actually have to participate. Nobody nods off when taking our training. Speakers are engaging, lively and have a sense of humor, no droning and monotonous slide readers.
  • Not waste managers’ time – the modules are 10 to 20 minutes long and packed with just the meat and potatoes. There’s no fluff or posturing by a lecturer.
  • Be head slapping easy to use and convenient – there’s no installation of fancy software or having to wrangle with the IT dept. Just click and go. You have 24/7 access from anywhere.
  • Be extraordinarily affordable for companies of all shapes and sizes – for only $684 a year, you can train 25 managers. That’s $684 total, not per seat! I’m sorry, but there is not a company in the world that can’t afford that when considering how important good managers are.

As you can see, I’m a quite passionate about this. I could go on and on, but really that’s not necessary.

I am so confident you’ll love ManageElite too; I’ll let you try it for 30 days at no charge. Only after you and your team use ManageElite can you determine how valuable it can be for your unique situation. However, if for some reason you’re not entirely satisfied, cancelling is literally one click of a button and you’ll pay nothing. Fair enough?

To sign up for your trial, just go to ManageEliteTraining.com

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