6 motivating skills every good manager needs

ManagementManagers have an enormous impact on the success – or failure – of an organization, and the most successful are those who have mastered key motivating skills.

Great motivating skills can cover for a lot of other shortcomings.

But, motivation may be the most misunderstood of all the skills.

First, a person’s motivation doesn’t really come from external factors. People are either motivated to do something or they are not. Motivation by nature is intrinsic.

There is a widespread belief that things like wages and compensation, benefits, even perks and job location, are good motivators. But not really.

I Dare You
Motivator or maintainer?

Those sorts of things are really just “maintainers” – good for maintaining a person in a job or position.

Managers who truly know how to motivate their people to superior performance set the stage so that people can push themselves to levels they did not think themselves capable of – and enjoy doing it.

The best motivator cost little or no money, which makes them tremendously valuable.

Here are a six motivators every manager can put to good use.

  1. Recognition. One of the greatest motivators of all-time. When done genuinely, a manager can never go to the “recognition” well too often. People want to know they are appreciated, and they seek reinforcement from others. This is one of those areas where the opposite is also true. Being undervalued or unappreciated is a huge de-motivator.
  2. Freedom. This is self-empowerment. Giving people the autonomy over how tasks are carried out and what decisions are made creates better and more reliable people. Freedom actually spurs people to take ownership and responsibility. Done well, freedom also encourages your best employees to make plans and dream big.
  3. Impact. The urge to have an impact is powerful motivator. People who have influence chance things. They get things done and they attain respect. Having an impact motivates people to think about how they can use their talents and influence more effectively.
  4. Service. The urge to be of service is one of our strongest motivators AND it comes from the heart. It is not based on personal gain but on making a difference in the lives of others.
  5. Passion. The power of passion is  profound. Passion fuels the need to excel and get things done. It is an enormously powerful feeling that everyone has in side them, waiting to be tapped.
  6. Meaning. The desire for meaning is a revealing motivator, because one of the things we all share is a desire for a higher purpose, a yearning to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It is meaning that makes our lives into a calling.

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