Pssst! Your best people really are needy

ManagementContrary to conventional wisdom, your best people really ARE needy people!

Now hang on, it’s true. They are. And what they need is to be a part of something special.

Worthwhile employees – people worth having – need to feel wanted.

To remain engaged, these employees must feel like they are an important part of an organization and that what they do contributes in an essential way to a successful outcome.

For them, work is far more than simply completing assigned tasks. Being good at the job creates a rewarding sense of self. It makes people feel good about themselves. It’s energizing and fun.

It refuels people and makes them feel whole.

You're Fired!
Being engaged also makes them want to come to work each day, and keep coming back.

So, why’s that so hard?  Why do so many organizations and managers struggle with retaining good people?

The 4 things all good employees want

One possible answer is that it is up to the organization to remain essential to the good employee – and not vice versa.

That’s where good management techniques come into play.

Managers can always train good people to do specific jobs. And in time, good people will learn to do those jobs even better.

But it takes even more than that.

Good management is the art of making work challenges so interesting and the solutions so constructive that everyone wants to roll up their sleeves and deal with them.

And while it’s true that people are only as good as the company they keep, the reverse is also true.

A company is only as good as the people it keeps. And needy employees who need to feel wanted, are worth keeping.

The experts tell us there are four things all good employees want from work.

Do you know what they are? Hint: You’ll find that answer right here.

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