ManageElite upgrade: User Tracking feature makes training more effective

Management TrainingWe’ve gotten raves since launching ManageElite, our online management training program, last year. Our customers love the interactive training presentations and quizzes. They single out our lively speakers, who keep the training interesting. And, of course, they love the affordable price.

But we wanted to make it even better. And now we have. We’ve added User Tracking, so customers can follow the progress of their staffs, making the training even more effective.

Here’s what you can expect

The new User Tracking system allows customers to monitor:

  • When users complete individual presentations
  • Which modules have been completed
  • Which quizzes have been passed or failed
  • Which questions users got right or wrong

It also allows customers to:

  • Organize users into custom groups
  • See the date of each user’s last activity
  • Search for employees by name
  • Sort performance data with ease.

The new User Tracking system gives a new dimension to what is already considered one of the best online management programs.

What else do you get with ManageElite?

  • 9 topic-focused modules that keep the training in manageable chunks. Managers can train on specific topics that aren’t too long and with no wasted time or effort. Get in, get out. (Watch the 9 demos.)
  • Self-paced, Flash presentations with audio. Concise, 10-22 minute training sessions delivered with visual aids and built-in interactions via decision-making scenarios and quizzes. Complete control is given to the viewer to start, stop and resume.
  • Stand-alone quizzes, scenarios and interactions. Don’t want to go through the entire training presentation or want to do some quick follow-up training to ensure retention? No problem, stand-alone scenarios, quizzes and interactions allow people to test their knowledge – without having to sit through an entire presentation.
  • Downloadable job aids. Handouts and checklists that highlight pertinent information and points to remember for each training topic.
  • ManageElite Monthly. A 2-3 page report in PDF format that covers critical management, HR and employment law topics every month.

For more information, go to our ManageElite Training web site.

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