Avoiding retaliation claims: 13 steps managers can take

Avoiding retaliation claims at work can be a lot like waiting for the other shoe to drop. For instance, a disgruntled employee files some grievance, alleging some form of discrimination in the workplace or another imagined injustice. You may easily win that case, but then perhaps the employee who filed the charge had to be disciplined over something else. Or maybe the employee was merely … [Read more...]

Workplace discrimination: What every manager needs to know

Every good employee wants to work at a fair and equal workplace, and it’s every good manager’s challenge to make sure that happens. The key is to know what constitutes illegal workplace discrimination -- and how to avoid it. Under federal law, an employer cannot discriminate against someone because of age (40 or over), color, disability, gender, genetic information, race, religion, national … [Read more...]

Traditional classroom learning vs. manager training online

Which works best: E-learning on a computer, or a traditional classroom setting with the instructor standing at the front? Look it up yourself and you’ll see explanations for why each side has its strengths. But -- and this is significant -- in a workplace with motivated learners, where time and costs are essential, there is widespread agreement that manager training online is the best way to … [Read more...]