Resolve to engage your staff in 2015

If you want to give your career  and your employer (or your own business) a major boost in 2015, then you might resolve to engage your staff in 2015. It really can do wonders. Employee engagement at its simplest is the extent to which people feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and make their best discretionary efforts time after time. What’s not to like … [Read more...]

The Danes love their jobs! Why is that?

There is a reason why Denmark usually wins the honor of  "happiest country on the planet," says writer Alexander Kjerulf. Danes aren't just happy at home. They love their jobs, too! It a mostly different story in the U.S. A Gallup poll found that 1 in 5 Americans feel emotionally disconnected from work and 70% said they were not reaching their full potential. Home life? We won’t even … [Read more...]

The 10, nah, 4 things employees want more than a raise

Good managers are vigilant about what employees need - because it really is about making them better. Now, consider this headline from a very good web site: Ten things employees want more than a raise … Hmmm, I thought. Ten? It's hard to believe there are 10 things employees want more than a raise. I think most employees would put getting a raise right at or near the top of any list of … [Read more...]

A proven, 9-step plan to employee greatness

Some people are naturally driven to excel. They don’t need much encouragement. But for all the rest, that’s where a good manager comes in. Everybody likes to do well in order to feel good about themselves. Managers can help them do that with this simple 9-step plan to greatness. Employee greatness Step 1:  Carefully remove the word “I” from your interactions with employees and replace … [Read more...]

Pssst! Your best people really are needy

Contrary to conventional wisdom, your best people really ARE needy people! Now hang on, it's true. They are. And what they need is to be a part of something special. Worthwhile employees – people worth having – need to feel wanted. To remain engaged, these employees must feel like they are an important part of an organization and that what they do contributes in an essential way to a … [Read more...]

Retaining good people when 80% are out there job-hunting

Are you concerned about retaining good people in 2014? You should be. And you might consider brushing up on  these three keys:  engagement, loyalty and satisfaction. That’s according to Right Management, which published a poll last month claiming that 8 of 10 employees said they’d be actively looking for a new job in the coming year. Another 9% said they’d at least be networking, if not … [Read more...]

When bad management is like a punch in the face

I came upon this item today and it stopped me in my tracks. It read: “Punch someone in the face, you go to jail. Be a bad manager who ruins employees’ lives for years and you face no consequences. Why is that?” It was posted on the blog of Alexander Kjerulf, also known as The Chief Happiness Officer. You can go there and give your opinion, if you like. But before you do, read this quick … [Read more...]

Is it really that hard to be a manager?

It can't be that hard to be a manager. Can it? All you need to do is stay on top of things, fix what needs fixing, and make other needed improvements along the way. Ready? You probably know someone who is sharp as all get-out and would make a great manager. But they tell you they have zero interest, and in fact dearly love being among the managed. They are probably even smarter than … [Read more...]

3 questions for America’s worst places to work

The latest list of America’s Worst Places to Work is out, courtesy of 24/7 Wall St., the investor info group. It is the second year in a row 24/7 Wall St. did the rankings, and you can read all about it here. This post won’t name any  companies on the list. Suffice it to say the firms are large, publicly traded concerns and were rated on scale of 1-to-5 based upon employees’ anonymous … [Read more...]

4 things all good managers should do well

A salesman, an intern and their manager happen upon a genie. “You each get one wish,” the genie tells them. "I want to be on a beach in Tahiti," the intern blurts out - and in a flash she's gone. "I want to stand atop Mount Everest and survey the world,” says the salesman - and poof – he's gone, too. "Looks like you're next," the genie says to the manager. "I want those two back in … [Read more...]