5 interview mistakes that scare off great candidates

Identifying the best and brightest, then convincing them to join your organization, is something every good leadership team strives for. What’s more, good leadership looks for great people at every level of the organization. So, when you are fortunate enough to have a exceptional candidate simply walk in your door, you want to do everything to get him or her on board. While much has been … [Read more...]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 most important things we look for when hiring new managers

When you’re thinking of promoting an employee or hiring someone to his or her critical first management position, what are the most important things you take into consideration? ManageElite asked 589 executives and managers, people who regularly make that decision, what they take into consideration when hiring new managers. Here’s how they answered (percentages answering “important” or “very … [Read more...]

Interview tips that pay off in good hires

How many times have you had to ask yourself, “How did that person ever get hired?” More than likely it was because managers didn't follow good interview tips and techniques. The interview offers the most room for error. It's  ripe for misinterpretation, misunderstanding and just plain missing the mark. Just about every other piece of the hiring process has fairly narrow boundaries and … [Read more...]