Anyone can complain – but anyone can innovate, too

Anyone can complain. And for the most part, they do. But anyone can innovate, too. Good managers strive to create the environment - and the opportunities - so that any employee in most any position can play the role of a problem-solving innovator. It's far more doable than you might think. Here are some thoughts on how to make that happen. Things don’t always happen for a (good) … [Read more...]

Creating a culture of innovation that people thrive on

Innovate or Die! At least that’s what the great business thinkers tell us. But it sounds so final. It’s probably more like, innovate or slowly suffocate. That’s what happens most of the time, when business changes all around you, but you don’t. It’s a slower process than “Innovate or Die,” with admittedly pretty much the same outcome. But at least it suggests there is time to find new … [Read more...]