Let’s talk – manager to manager

I'd like to have a candid conversation with you about management and staff training and why ManageElite might be a good fit for you – you'll be the judge ... Like most dads, I'm unabashedly proud of my baby, ManageElite. As the VP/Product Development, I helped conceive it, spent nine months (at least) developing it, was there for delivery and have nurtured it every day since. It's a product … [Read more...]

9 key components to look for in online manager training programs

There is no shortage of options available for online manager training programs. You could spend days trying to sort through the clutter. For business and professional organizations with motivated learners, here are nine key things to look for when evaluating online training programs for your managers. 1. Real-world information The single most important aspect of online training is that it … [Read more...]