ManageElite adds new modules for 2nd anniversary

ManageElite, the most affordable, easy-to-use, innovative training program for managers, celebrated its second birthday and is now adding new training modules. "In the past two years, we've helped thousands become better managers -- whether they were first-time managers or experienced pros. I hear it in the feedback I get from them every day," says John Walston, ManageElite's VP/Product … [Read more...]

iQuiz: Leadership Trivia No. 5 – Before They Were Famous

What do you really know about the leaders whose names pop up in the headlines all the time? You know the ones. Warren Buffett, Elizabeth Warren, Richard Branson, Sonia Sotomayor, Mitt Romney and more. They’re rich, they’re tough, they’re smart, etc. But what do you know about them before they became famous? This Leadership Trivia quiz looks back at them before anyone really heard of them. We … [Read more...]

Six personality traits that derail good managers

It happens all too often, the superstar go-getter who suddenly crash-lands. He or she gets fired, or demoted - or just hits the wall. Don't let it happen to you. Executive coach Joyce E.A. Russell says you can prevent your own fall from grace when you know your personality well enough to turn  your weaknesses into strengths. The six  personality traits that derail good managers are … [Read more...]