Let’s talk – manager to manager

I'd like to have a candid conversation with you about management and staff training and why ManageElite might be a good fit for you – you'll be the judge ... Like most dads, I'm unabashedly proud of my baby, ManageElite. As the VP/Product Development, I helped conceive it, spent nine months (at least) developing it, was there for delivery and have nurtured it every day since. It's a product … [Read more...]

ManageElite upgrade: User Tracking feature makes training more effective

We’ve gotten raves since launching ManageElite, our online management training program, last year. Our customers love the interactive training presentations and quizzes. They single out our lively speakers, who keep the training interesting. And, of course, they love the affordable price. But we wanted to make it even better. And now we have. We’ve added User Tracking, so customers can follow … [Read more...]

Workplace harassment training: Key tactics for managers

The nature of work is a social activity. There are even times when the social nature of work relationships extends beyond the workplace. However, it is important that employees strive to respect each other as individuals and to avoid behaviors that may even be remotely interpreted as unlawful harassment. That's why workplace harassment training is so essential. Unlawful harassment is any … [Read more...]

Handling difficult conversations with employees: Here’s what works

Everybody puts off some things, but the manager who delays handling difficult conversations with employees is courting disaster. Few people look forward to actually having difficult conversations and it’s no wonder why. Tense conversations can be like root canal. But with some good training and support, managers can gain the confidence needed to handle these tough tasks – and turn them into … [Read more...]