ManageElite adds new modules for 2nd anniversary

ManageElite, the most affordable, easy-to-use, innovative training program for managers, celebrated its second birthday and is now adding new training modules. "In the past two years, we've helped thousands become better managers -- whether they were first-time managers or experienced pros. I hear it in the feedback I get from them every day," says John Walston, ManageElite's VP/Product … [Read more...]

ManageElite upgrade: User Tracking feature makes training more effective

We’ve gotten raves since launching ManageElite, our online management training program, last year. Our customers love the interactive training presentations and quizzes. They single out our lively speakers, who keep the training interesting. And, of course, they love the affordable price. But we wanted to make it even better. And now we have. We’ve added User Tracking, so customers can follow … [Read more...]

The cost-effectiveness of online training for managers: Real life results

When you calculate management training costs, you can't overlook the fact that every day a person spends in training is one day of lost work. So it follows that a day-long training session with nine learners is nine lost work days. That’s almost two weeks of lost productivity. At that rate it’s no wonder why: Many managers get no formal training, and Many organizations that train … [Read more...]