Why employees quit … it really isn’t pay

ManagementIt’s always been a good piece of advice for managers to remember that compensation is usually NOT the biggest reason why employees quit on you.

After all, people know what they’ll be paid when they sign on.

So what does take the top spot?

No Opportunity

The No. 1 reason employees leave a  job is a lack of opportunity for advancement.

More than one in five employees (22%) polled by BambooHR, an HR software-service company, cited that as a reason for resigning.

Coming in second was a  lack of work-life balance.

And then, third, was money.

I Dare You
BambooHR polled 1,034 U.S. workers to find out why they’d left a job, and to have them rate the most annoying aspects of work in general.

Biggest deal breakers

Survey participants were asked to rank work traits on the following scale: acceptable, somewhat acceptable, annoying, considerably annoying and deal breaker.

Deal breakers are the types of things that send employees scurrying for the exits.

The top five deal breakers were:

  1. The boss doesn’t trust or empower you (1 in 4 rated this a deal breaker).
  2. Being expected to work or answer emails on sick days, vacations and/or after work (1 in 4).
  3. Management that “passes the buck” when things don’t go as planned (1 in 5).
  4. Work not being flexible with regard to family responsibilities (1 in 5).
  5. Not getting along with co-workers (1 in 6).

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