What are your biggest (little) workplace annoyances?

Soft SkillsWhat really annoys you at work?

What gets on your nerves – sometimes before it even happens – like the heat of arthritis when you sense a rainstorm coming?

Oh sure, there are the classics, like BMWs; that is, bitchers, moaners and whiners.

But what else?

Little workplace annoyances

The workplace is chock full of all manner and sizes of petty annoyances.

Small annoyances are like those pesky plastic tags strapped to the bridge of the pair of sunglasses you are trying to try on! Pain in the tush. You can’t quite feel how the glasses fit, or see whether you like how they look on you with that stupid thing right there on your nose.

You're Fired!
Mark Twain was  first to note that it’s annoying to have to put up with people who set consistently good examples. And if you are one of us who are unfortunate enough to be less than perfect, you can relate to that, right?.

Annoying, like beauty, is often in the eye of  the annoyed. I  work with someone who personally thinks there is nothing more annoying than having two people talking while he is busy trying to interrupt them!

Smiley faces 🙂 are pretty annoying.

And slow internet connections. And long meetings. And slobs. Bossiness, especially from people who are not your boss, is truly annoying.

Ever work with someone who started every interaction with “No” “But” or “However”? Translation: Let me tell you why I am right, and you are wrong.

I asked a colleague about her petty annoyances, and this must have just happened because she didn’t pause an instant before this came spilling out: “How about when people have plenty to say one-on-one, but when you are in a meeting they completely clam up and don’t say a word about ANYTHING!”

Yeah. That too!

How about people who talk to everyone else first about an issue that involves you?

Or stupid jargon? “Ahem, can your team ‘solutionize’ that by Friday?”

Or people who always have to win. They annoy you?

Make a list

Ok, in the next post we’ll take the high road and talk about all the many ways you can be a better person and a true professional and rise above the din and let petty annoyances go unnoticed and either turn the other cheek or turn them into lemonade. Your choice.

But for now, let ‘er rip. Chime in and leave a comment about what truly annoys you at work?

* * *

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