10 most unusual workplace gifts this season

Soft SkillsNow that the (holiday) dust has settled, what did you get for Christmas?

CareerBuilder asked more than 5,300 managers and employees to name the most unusual gifts they’ve received from a co-worker.

Here are the 10 most unusual workplace gifts (if you can call them that):

I Dare You

  • A box of Hot Pockets.
  • A chess piece (that’s right, one chess piece).
  • A fire extinguisher (maybe they are trying to tell you something).
  • A voucher for a free lawn game the gifter invented.
  • A leather vest (in turquoise no less).
  • Zombie action figures (zombies never go out of fashion).
  • A Ziploc bag with just enough coffee to make one.
  • A “gun of the day” calendar.
  • A bag of chips.
  • A Christmas ornament with a photo of the gifter and significant other.

Which obviously explains why it is better to give than to receive.

 * * *

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