3 questions for America’s worst places to work

ManagementThe latest list of America’s Worst Places to Work is out, courtesy of 24/7 Wall St., the investor info group.

It is the second year in a row 24/7 Wall St. did the rankings, and you can read all about it here.

This post won’t name any  companies on the list.

Suffice it to say the firms are large, publicly traded concerns and were rated on scale of 1-to-5 based upon employees’ anonymous reviews.

But it is helpful to explore why they made the list, especially since this blog is dedicated to the pursuit of (the manager’s role in employee) happiness.

The three top employee complaints were poor pay, lousy benefits … and a lack of training! Ouch.

Now, pay and benefits are tied too closely to market forces for most managers to effectively counter. Finance decisions descend from on-high and managers are left to deal with the fallout.

In other words, if you work for a large retail chain that pays lousy, well, that isn’t likely to improve anytime soon.

But training; now there’s an area any employer can improve upon. There is just no excuse for having an over-representation of disgruntled employees because of poor training.

Yet it happens all too frequently.

You're Fired!According to article, “there is a commonality within the reviews where people are talking about customer service and [employees] have a tough time dealing with the customers.”

It points out that for employees “knowing how to deal with different customers and different issues,” is directly related to good training.


Now, to tie it all together: Customers are complaining about lousy service and those “lousy” service employees are complaining about the lack of training. That fits.

So, why is it that any outfit whose lifeline is front-end employees isn’t training them?

All this bring me, finally, to the purpose of this post (in case you were still wondering).

3 Questions for America’s Worst Places to Work For

Assuming there is some merit to the list, then don’t you wonder:

  • If you made the list, do you care? In other words, if that many employees complained about you over the past year, this can’t be news to you, right? You had to know this was coming, or not? Maybe you didn’t know so many people were complaining, which is another issue. Communication.
  • Will you try and fix it? If it’s pay and benefits, you’re screwed. But if it really is a training issue, did you ever wonder what would be the ROI if you had crisp, energized, informed, engaged and (happy?) people out there greeting and interacting with your potential customers?
  • Will it hurt recruitment? Let me answer that. Probably not, since there is always another desperate candidate out there looking for work, and it hasn’t seemed to hurt yet.

 * * *

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